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Make Your Voice Heard!

By Dr. Cindy Trimm on September 18 2012

In just a few weeks, women from all over the world will be gathering in Atlanta, Georgia for one of the most exciting, empowering, and life-transforming conferences being offered for women today.

Ten years ago, Woman Thou Art Loosed began as a Sunday school curriculum. Today it is an international movement hosted by the visionaries Bishop and Mrs. T.D. Jakes.

I am honored to share the platform again with this year’s lineup of distinguished speakers. If you have not experienced this incredible event, I encourage you to do whatever you can to be there!

As I have been delivering the message now published in my new book, When Kingdoms Clash, I have found it particularly relevant to women. Women are on the frontline more than ever as they battle forces—seen and unseen—that would keep them from maximizing their potential to create change.

Often, the battles that rage take place within the hearts and minds of women themselves—women who question their calling, worth, or ability. This is where the enemy targets setting up base camps with his strongholds of doubt and deception.
I urge you to come to WTAL October 4-6 and discover what you are capable of as a woman of God. Come be loosed from the doubts, fears, worries, and deceptive limitations that have been holding you back.

Learn how to find your voice and take back your personal power.

How often do women have an opportunity to empower themselves, and perhaps an entire generation, by showing up and showing themselves strong—if only by the sheer force of their numbers?

Don’t let this transformational opportunity pass you by. Join the movement and make your voice heard!

Ezekiel 27:30: They will make their voice heard because of you!